Star Sign Scents - Libra


Ingredients: Distilled water, lavander, lemon, patchouli, rosemary, Sandlewood, decyl glucoside.

Libras are known to be fond of all things beautiful and tend to be more in-tune with their romantic side. They mirror the true justice of liberty, and cannot tolerate upheaval or injustice.

What are the essential oil benefits?
 aids verbal expression. It calms insecurities that are felt when you are vulnerable. Addressing a deep fear of being seen and heard. Lavender encourages emotional honesty and insists you speak your innermost thoughts and desires. Allowing you to experience unconditional love and acceptance.
LEMON nourishes the mind and aids in concentration and focus. Lemon restores energy, mental flexibility and the drive to complete a project. Lemon instils a natural playfulness and buoyancy in the heart. Helping to release feelings of depression and restore joy and happiness.
PATCHOULI supports individuals in becoming fully present in their physical body. The oil is grounding for those who seek to escape the body through spiritual pursuits or other forms of distraction. Is compliments yoga, tai chi or other practices that aim to connect the spirit with the body. Patchouli brings confidence in the body along with grace, poise and physical strength.
ROSEMARY Assists in the development of true knowledge and intellect. It teaches one to look deeper than they normally would and ask more soul-searching questions. Rosemary aids in times of change or transition and invites you to trust in a higher more intelligent power than yourself.
SANDALWOOD assists with all kids of prayer, meditation or spiritual practice. It is powerful in calming the mind and still the heart. It invites you to place all material attachments in a space of sacrifice so you may truly progress spiritually. The oil challenges you to reorder your priorities to be in alignment with your true self. Sandalwood assists in quieting the mind so that you may hear the subtle voices of your intuition. Sandalwood teaches true humility devotion and love to the universe.

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