Sohum Mini Wood Wick Eco Candle - Cotton Flower

SOHUM Eco Cedarwick candlettes illuminate your space with a gentle crackling sound. SOHUM's own botanical wax blend induces a soft ambient glow infused with vivid fragrance for optimum burning. Hand poured in Melbourne Australia, SOHUM Candles feature a wooden wick & is housed in a hand finished glass vessel. vegan and sustainable production

    • 100g
    • Organic cedar wick makes for a truly beautiful flame
    • Creamy botanical wax blend including soy
    • Housed in a lustrous hand made semi opaque vessel
    • To care for your wood wick candle, simply trim the wick prior to each burn, simply by snapping the burnt out wick, leaving a remaining wick length of approx. 3mm. 
  • COTTON FLOWER: White Lilies, Camelia Leaf, Heliotrope, Pink pepper, Lilac, Carnation.Sohum wood wick candles are an alternative to our cotton wicked candles, for a clean burn and vivid fragrance. 
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