FOX AND SCOUT + Mavi | Premium Hand Crafted Denim

FOX AND SCOUT + Mavi | Premium Hand Crafted Denim
When selecting a denim brand for FOX AND SCOUT I wanted one that values fit, fabric and quality along with an ethical production chain. I wanted premium denim that was affordable and would become a second skin for our customers.. I chose Mavi.
In Turkish, Mavi means ‘blue’ – a word that connects us to denim
With over 30 years of experience in creating denim pieces for top international Fashion houses saw the idea to create Mavi. A family owned brand founded in 1991 with a strong vision on creating premium Denim. Mavi has evolved into an international apparel and accessories brand. Synonymous with superior quality and the perfect fit,
Denim production is extremely complex and technical. Even with their grounding in the heritage of craftsmanship, Mavi never stays still, always pushing for innovation. Mavi have drawn parallels between the preparation of a gourmet meal and the crafting of a pair of Mavi Jeans, the selection of the cloth and the hand washing for texture and colour, the immaculate attention required for each unique thread, rivet, and zipper; the mastery over the tools; and the final touches that make us proud to call them Mavi jeans. 
Mavi create Women's Jeans, Denim Skirts, Basic T-Shirts, Maternity Jeans, Jackets, Shorts with today’s urban woman in mind.  The Mavi customer needs a jean that complements her active lifestyle, providing all-day comfort, softness and limitless movement.  
Mavi have a comfortable construction and satin-like finish. Incredible stretch in the denim and amazing recovery properties enable the jeans to keep their shape and mold to the wearer’s body for the perfect fit, wear after wear. We love theses jeans and we know our foxes will too. 
Enjoy our Mavi collection ....

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