FOX AND SCOUT + Moss St Fragrances | Enhance All Moments

FOX AND SCOUT + Moss St Fragrances | Enhance All Moments


Giving always makes the heart soar.. Sometimes it soars a little higher when we let ourselves indulge too! We find having fragrance in our space lifts the spirit and warms the soul.

Moss St is a fragrance collection of candles and reed diffusers, which we believe to be a perfect brand for us to have here at FOX AND SCOUT.  We know you will love to indulge, give and share these fragrances, just as much as we do.


Moss St. Fragrances is a sophisticated yet affordable collection consisting of hand-poured scented candles and reed diffusers available in a range of exciting fragrances. This brand offers a unique selection of products, custom-designed to suit all creative spaces. We believe that fragrances have the ability to uplift, inspire and enhance all moments in time and Moss St. candles and diffusers do just that!

All of the fragrances are Australian designed and made. Moss St. source all of their products in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner to produce a collection that is high-quality and affordable yet sophisticated.

Enjoy joy our collection !

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