MAVI - All Blue, Less Water. Less Energy, Better Jeans

MAVI - All Blue, Less Water. Less Energy, Better Jeans
MAVI is taking steps towards a sustainable future and its another reason why we love this denim brand and why we stock them here at FOX AND SCOUT.
Mavi's goal is to make the best jeans possible using the most innovative technologies and materials that are right for the planet.

Mavi are creating denim that focuses on reaching their goals of reducing water, energy and material consumption, and reusing resources through the manufacturing processes.

Water is the key element in denim production.

In 2020, they continued to reduce our annual water consumption by 26% and energy consumption by 24%, and increased the use of laser and sustainable wash processes to 54%.

A clean approach.

Mavi have made a commitment to clean materials like recycled cotton, organic cotton and up cycled components.

Tried, tested and true.

Mavi are focused on the idea of timelessness in terms of style and quality. We achieve this by using the highest quality fabrics and innovative manufacturing techniques.


 Mavi's new design collections 



The most sustainable collection yet focused on quality sustainable denim



Produced with more than 70% organic cotton fabrics. Everyday denim designed in rich indigo shades and an ultra-soft feel, combining comfort and an excellent fit.


Produced with partly recycled and pre consumer cotton fabrics. A real denim rigid look paired with 90's fashion fits and washes for a timeless look and feel.





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