FOX AND SCOUT + BOPO Women | Using Beauty to connect

FOX AND SCOUT + BOPO Women | Using Beauty to connect

When we found this beautiful collection from BOPO Women we knew we had to have it in store! Bron has created this brand to assist customers in creating rituals and moments in their lives to connect with themselves. This is skincare designed with a purpose. To nourish, calm, indulge and empower.

Skincare and bathing rituals are at the heart of self-care. We take this sacred time very seriously and feel honoured that our products can help you indulge in these moments.

From beautiful scents and enticing textures to thoughtfully selected ingredients, packaging and messages, our goal is to make these rituals as indulgent as possible.

We’re not fussed with fad ingredients that do more harm than good. We’ve worked with some amazing natural skincare chemists with one goal in mind: the PRESENT and not the FUTURE. This has freed us up to focus on the SENSORY experience and to develop products that actually nourish your skin.

Bopo Women skincare is safe, non-toxic, and effective. We blend the beautiful fragrances and nourishing powers of Australian botanicals, essential oils and select ingredients to create skincare products that restore and rejuvenate.

Products that we put on our skin quickly absorb into the body. For this reason each ingredient is carefully selected for specific therapeutic reasons. We don’t believe in low quality fillers. We use natural ingredients that result in highly concentrated skincare that nourishes the body. We test all our products on real humans and are 100% cruelty free.

Rather than improving, transforming or fixing, our products are designed to feel amazing while caring for and restoring your skin in a non-harmful way.

Our product development mantra is simple – make skincare that restores the skin while calming the body and mind. Use nature’s finest ingredients and essential oils to create products with TRUE SELF-CARE BENEFITS: to relieve stress, improve sleep, lift mood, rejuvenate and empower.


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