FOX AND SCOUT + Buddha Wear | Wear Fair

FOX AND SCOUT + Buddha Wear | Wear Fair

Producing garments with integrity is very much the cornerstone of the Buddha Wear philosophy. Established in Bali, 2006, Buddha Wear began by creating yoga wear. But before too long, requests from customers took them one step further into making everyday wear as well.

Buddha Wear has always been a socially and ethically responsible company. It is very important for them to really know their staff; their faces and their families. They work hard to counteract the sweatshop mentality that is prevalent in Indonesia. Buddha Wear instills a Wear Fair policy which ensures their staff receive a fair wage with health benefits, subsidized meals and after-school childcare. These simple things are often taken for granted in other countries.  The welfare of workers is paramount. Buddha Wear also campaign for other companies to commit more to the people who make it all happen.

Buddha Wear only uses materials supplied by companies whose production isn’t directly harmful to the environment. They spend considerable time seeking out certified, eco-friendly companies and personally visit them to witness, firsthand, their manufacturing processes and staff conditions.

Additionally, Buddha Wear donates a portion of their profit to charities for the support and care of HIV positive children in Bali.

They create seasonal collections focused on smart-casuals made from beautiful fabrics that engage the skin and body. Often, seasonal collections will feature hand printed fabrics. 

In Bali, prints are produced by hand rather than digitally using machines. This makes the work much more labour intensive. Buddha Wear work with several different screen-printing shops because they need such large quantities of fabric in various styles whilst, more importantly, supporting many small artisans and their families.

The “Wear Fair” platform Buddha Wear has grown their business around inspires us, making them a perfect brand for FOX AND SCOUT and our customers.

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