FOX AND SCOUT + BOODY BASICS | Organic Bamboo Eco Wear

FOX AND SCOUT + BOODY BASICS | Organic Bamboo Eco Wear

Having collection of simple, high quality basics was an essential line for us to offer at FOX AND SCOUT. Our quest was then to find a collection that offered our women comfort, ease, everyday shapes and foundation garments with a sustainable, ethical vision. We also wanted a fabric that wears well and can take constant washing without losing its shape… hard task? Absolutely! However we have found this dream brand in BOODY.

From the bamboo crops that yield our exceptional viscose to the delivery of Boody into your hands, they are committed to maintaining a responsible and transparent process every step of the way.

The Sydney, NSW based brand are committed to producing high-quality products with a focus on sustainable materials and practices so to have a minimum carbon footprint on our planet, and a positive impact on its people. 

Design & Style - Everyday essentials are perhaps the most important pieces in your wardrobe. Our mission is to provide you with modern, high quality basics that naturally fit who you are. Our timeless, durable collections are made to suit your everyday lifestyle; this is our design philosophy. All garments are made from Bamboo Elastane.

Sustainability - Grown organically, no pesticides, no insecticides, no fertilisers... Ok, we're off to a good start...Grown without artificial irrigation; producing commercial harvests of bamboo requires only rainwater. What’s more, all water used in the production process is recycled and re-used. Improving air quality! Bamboo plantations produce 30% more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees and absorb more carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases. Fast growing, regenerating, the fastest growing woody plant in the world. Some species of bamboo shoot up as much as one metre a day! New stems are able to be harvested again and again. Honestly, try to wrap your mind around that. 

Health - Bamboo contains an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bio-agent which is retained throughout the fabrication process and post washing many, many times. This property also makes Boody garments odour-resistant. Sounds good... and smells good. It's hypoallergenic! Particularly suitable for eczema sufferers and those with extra sensitive skin. It is breathable & moisture-wicking. The structure of the bamboo fibres contains micro-gaps, which provide ventilation and pull moisture away from the body, allowing the skin to breathe. What's more, all Boody garments are made from a UPF50+ rated fabric to protect yourself from ultraviolet (UV) damage. Layer up!

Comfort - Silky soft, light, luxuriously soft and gentle on the skin; bamboo is a dream to wear. Thermo-regulating, cosy in winter, cool in summer. Boody garments provide warmth without bulk. Great for exercise in all conditions. A neutral charge prevents static build-up, preventing clinging.

Production Ethics - Boody garments are certified by a range of governing bodies covering fabric and garment quality control, and ethical production. The range is also certified by PETA and is Vegan approved. These certifications are available if required.  With SGS Testing covering product quality and packaging, packaging is created without toxins, with vegetable inks and recycled paper. 

Best Fit - Boody offer a stretch comfort fit of XS – XL (XS - 6, S - 8/10, M - 12/14, L- 16, XL – 18)

Enjoy our collection!


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